Projects that Dr Mahra is involved in:-

Humanitarian work:

Doctors Without Borders organization: (volunteer work in Afghanistan)Dr. Mahra and her mother Dr. Zahra volunteer their services to Doctors Without Borders by visiting foreign locales in Afghanistan to treat people in need. They performed over 100 surgeries to treat victims of war, veterans, women, and children in need of facial reconstruction surgery and burn treatment. When their work was rewarded with a $500,000 humanitarian prize, they gave it all away. “We visited each patients bedside and distributed the money to each and every one of them equally”.

Global Charity Initiative ( Dr. Mahra’s Recently founded charity initiative project that is under construction , it will be ready by 2019)

Volunteering work to help in fundraising events for the Global Autisim Organization.

UN woman empowerment group – team leader

UN Peace ambassador

RFK human rights Young leader team.