Dr Mahra Lutfi

Doctor & Achieving Philantropist

Ambassador of stem cell research & Regenerative medicine in the UAE

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Dr Mahra Lutfi

Dr Mahra Lutfi has crammed more living into her 23 years than most people pack into a lifetime.
She is a super millennial poised to lead on the world stage with style, grace and humility.

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As a Young Doctor and philanthropist,
My mission is to give to my local community and extend the healthcare of my country to the next level, to a new Era where healthcare and medicine go way beyond just treating patients ,

But Curing them for a lifetime in advance with a new era of regenerative medicine and stem cell treatment.

Spreading health, peace , and a brighter future for the youth of our country by making Dubai the New health Hub of the world,
with the support of his highness SHK Mohammad bin rashid al Maktoum (MRM), Ruler of Dubai , and prime minister of the United Arab Emirates who strongly encourages us not only to pursue our dreams but to become the First in achieving our goals. As he strongly believes that the youth are the future of the country, and the bright force to achieving Excellence in Our Nation.